What type of Newsletter Keep Your Clients Subscribed To Your Mailing List

The primary purpose of the Newsletter is to market your content to your customers and clients. It is therefore advised to provide content that is worth reading. But the irony is that most newsletters that are sent out are just advertisements.

This makes your readers annoyed and they unsubscribe from your mailing list. So, how to avoid such mistakes;

  1. Grab the attention of your readers using a catchy headline or a subject
  2. Write for your target audience or demographic
  3. Keep the content short and simple
  4. Send your newsletter regularly and maintain the frequency
  5. Use visually appealing templates for businesses

This was all about how to keep your readers engrossed. But, the main question is what to write for the newsletter or rather how to design the content for the same.

Content is all that matters.

Email newsletters are a win-win situation for both the sender as well as the receiver. They bind both the companies and the consumers on the same string. You must be wondering why. This is because email newsletters provide businesses with a forum to send multiple messages to a fascinated, and competent audience.

Here are some content ideas that you can use while preparing your newsletters for the days to come.

Company Information

It is indeed a great idea to keep your subscribers in the know about your company and email newsletters are a perfect way to spread the word about recent milestones, awards, and company insights.

Here are some ideas that will help you to sail through the storm.

  1. Favorable articles about the company
  2. Business changes that have an impact on the customers
  3. A company anniversary or milestones achieved
  4. Recent award nominations or wins
  5. A list of open hire positions for hire
  6. Monthly business recaps
  7. A behind the scenes look at your company
  8. A message from the CEO
  9. Insights into your company’s history

Product Updates

At times, you might also want to provide product updates in your email newsletter before launching a new product in the market or even when upgrading an existing product. Text is no matter necessary but try to include some videos, photos, and Infographics to get it more engaging.

Here are some ideas to provide some cool visuals for the same.

  1. New use cases and case studies
  2. How to product video
  3. Little known uses for your product or services
  4. Updates about new products and releases
  5. An exclusive tip of the month
  6. Deals and discounts
  7. A cool new best practice or tip

Engaging Content

There are immense opportunities to build your audience base with content that is not directly related to your company or product. Content often performs better than promotions – so be sure to make some room for something fun, creative, and educational.

Here are some creative content ideas for your organization.

  1. A top 10 list
  2. A survey or a poll
  3. Motivational Quotes
  4. Recent studies or surveys related to your business
  5. Statistics or data points
  6. Infographics
  7. Update about your newly added social media channels
  8. A guest blog you have written for another company or brand
  9. Third party apps or tools your audience would find useful

Human Face on Your Business

Building a personal relationship with your subscribers helps you develop brand loyalty and a sense of trust. Human psychology works based on trust. Trust triggers when people are aware that real people run your business.

Here are some ideas of how to use your email newsletters to spotlight your teams and add a pinch of personality.

  1. A team spotlight with pictures and bios
  2. An interview with one of your senior executives
  3. Bios of Newly hired employees
  4. General Advice type columns
  5. Photos your customers have shared or tagged with you
  6. A blog post from someone on your team
  7. A meet the customer support             agents post
  8. Positive feedback from your customers regarding the services provided
  9. A “Thank You” to donors, event attendees or customers

Help and Support Services

Newsletters are a great way to proactively reduce the volume of help desk, support calls, or even emails. Posting FAQs, challenge resolutions, additional downloadable resources and even providing virtual training classes help people find the answers they are looking for even without involving your customer service department.

Some of the ideas with regards to this category are;

  1. Frequently Asked Questions or popularly known as the FAQs with answers
  2. A customer service case and resolution
  3. Before and after stories
  4. New training opportunities

Information on Company Events

In the newsletters, you can also mention any upcoming events to build an additional chance of excitement sell tickets, or even increase views.

  1. Important dates to keep in mind
  2. Reviews from Customers and Clients about your products
  3. New Vendors for your products or services (new stores, websites or even partners)
  4. A roundup of your most popular blogs, videos, or services from the month or year
  5. Webcast recordings of past events take took place in the organization
  6. Informing about upcoming events and webinars

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