How to select the domain name for your website or blog

Got stuck with the selection of domain name for your website or blog? Well, the answer depends on what you want to achieve for the blog.

Ask yourself just 2 basic questions;

  1. Do you want to use the blog to establish your personal brand?
  2. Do you want to establish your blog as a money making business?

Here are some pros and cons when deciding on the selection of a domain name for your website or even blog.

Pros of Domain Name:

Developing your Personal Brand

If your goal is to establish yourself as a brand, then using your name as the domain name can be very useful. People will recognize you and your talent by your real name. You will become popular and known among your circle and niche.

Boosts your Confidence

Becoming the face of your own brand and business can help in increasing your confidence manifold.

Ideal for Portfolio Website

If you are working in a creative space like content writing, graphic designing, photography, and painting, then having a domain name as your name suits perfectly – (  

Cons of Domain Name:

Names can be hard to spell

If your name is simple then it is okay (for example; my name is Suhail Haque) otherwise there are a lot of names that can be spelled in many ways which can eventually create confusion. Even some names are harder to remember as well.

It can be hard to sell later

If you are planning to sell your domain at some point in time in the future, having a domain in your own name would be difficult to sell as compared to having the domain name in a creative name. Buyers prefer a tradable domain name that is not associated with a name or rather any name of a person or an individual.

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