How to Influence your Readers

Your blog is a platform that you can use to Influence your Reader, build your brand and reach a broad audience. The more readers you have, the better. It’s only natural that you want to get as many people reading your blog as possible. But how do you accomplish this? What steps can you take to increase traffic on your site?

Here is a list of them;

Be Human

In fact, this is one of the crucial parts of how to influence your reader. What to do?

  1. Welcome him to share his opinions or questions in the comments or messages
  2. Respond to him from time to time
  3. While responding, be respectful and thoughtful
  4. Encourage discussions

The whole process encourages the reader to come back to you again and again

Know Your Reader

Don’t make your writings generic. Know your exact audience. Who are they?

  1. Retired employees from metro cities
  2. College girls from the middle-class background
  3. Software professionals between 30 and 40 years or newly married homemakers

Remember, when you write for everybody, nobody will read

Understand Him

Leave an opinion in your reader that you understand him well. How?

  1. Research on his problems or goals
  2. Think from his perspective and answer all the possible questions he has in his head
  3. Sound compassionate
  4. Solve his purpose of coming to your profile or page or even blog       

Build His Confidence

Helping him build his confidence to achieve his goals or solve his problems is the easiest way to gain his trust

  1. Use storytelling to talk about possible risks, challenges and alternatives
  2. Convince him with key messages
  3. Make use of f acts, statistics, and/ or quotations to support your statements
  4. Leave a clear conclusion

This doesn’t just build his confidence but also makes you stand as an authority

Know Your Goal

“What do you want from your reader?

Do you want to?

  1. Convince him to your point?
  2. Persuade him to buy your product?
  3. Or turn him into your follower?

You can’t influence your reader unless you find out your objective first.        

Address Him

One major reason for many writers failing is they address the audience with generic terms like they and people, revealing the fact that they are talking to a larger crowd.

  1. Be specific
  2. Make use of the second person: YOU
  3. Make your reader think as if you are talking only to him

Else, your reader loses the emotional connection with y our words.

Some More….

  1. Stick to ONE purpose throughout
  2. Make your content clear and concise
  3. Structure it: use headings, bullet lists, whitespace, images, etc.
  4. Use powerful headings
  5. Don’t overpromise
  6. Make use of examples
  7. Provide compelling evidences
  8. Make sure your content flows logically from the objective you set       

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