How to get more people to share your Infographic?

Infographics are an excellent way to visually communicate information. They also help people understand more about your business or topic, which makes them an invaluable asset for online marketing. But if you want people to share your infographics, you first need to make sure that it’s sharable.

You can use the same image over and over again by creating a visual meme that everyone will recognize at once, or you can do what I did with my infographics on email marketing best practices: Write an amazing headline that describes the content of your infographic so well that people will be inspired to click through just based on the headline alone.

The key to getting more people to share your infographic is to follow the best practices for creating infographics. An infographic is a powerful content marketing tool. The problem is that many people don’t know how to share infographics. A good infographic is the most successful way to share your data on social media. A visual representation of information not only grabs people’s attention but also makes them more likely to engage with your content.

Write SEO-optimized content

Write SEO-optimized supporting content. Be sure to have a strong title and introduction. This will be paired with paragraphs of support and reference on the topics discussed in the content.

Continue to improve your internal linking structure and make sure your content covers multiple keywords. Use more abstract words and phrases to give a more consistent feel to your writing.

Enable social sharing buttons for Infographics

Promote your own website or blog through the social share buttons and embed code. Get them on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest. Add your content on your home page

Reach people you might never have otherwise met. Plus, sharing about your business is free!

You can make your existing content as social as you want with the CTA buttons:

Step 1: Click “Create an Embed”

Step 2: Enter your URL in the URL box.

Step 3: Fill in the “brand icon” in the “Branding & Logo” box.

Step 4: In the “Get social share buttons” box, enter your site name in the list.

Step 5: Click “Download.”

You can also set your own custom social share buttons, or you can use the same social share buttons on your existing website

Submit to communities, directories, and forums

Submissions at this level generally go to members of design communities and organizations. The most obvious candidates are design associations, marketing, and PR associations, and design review websites. These communities are full of experts who can provide useful information for your design. If you are a blogger, you might also try submitting to design review websites. The best ones will send you high-quality examples of your work to give you a good starting point.

Generate micro content for social media using Infographics

Creating micro-content on social media engages customers and even tells them about your products and services. Get on Facebook Live chats on your store’s pages. Get people interacting with your staff or learn about your products and services.

Invite a speaker to come in and talk to your customers about something.  Put on live videos on your Facebook and Instagram pages. Ask your customers to ‘Share’ your messages. Send messages to your customers. Let them know you care about them.

Leverage your email marketing list

We know that you do not have to turn your newsletter into a business asset – that’s the point. You can build your email list for free with other people’s email lists and make it valuable to you and your customers. You have enough value for your customers to care about your email address and be willing to share it. Make it worth their while to opt-in.

Additional Reading: What type of newsletter keeps your clients subscribed to your mailing list

If your list isn’t highly engaged, then send frequent messages and provide value instead of shipping something new. Doing this consistently will build engagement and satisfaction.

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