How is different from that of a Blogger?

Do you already have a blog or a website?

WordPress and Blogger are two major blogging platform for beginners and advanced users. I use WordPress for my blog but if you are just getting started and want to try your hands on blogging before making any serious investment, Blogger is then a great platform to consider.

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Here, I have highlighted 5 major differences between WordPress and Blogger to help you arrive at a decision.

  1. WordPress is free software, but you need to pay for the web hosting and domain whereas Blogger is a 100% free platform.
  2. One click Installer by major hosting services makes it easy to create a blog or a website on whereas it only requires you to set up a Google account and you can have multiple blogs under the same account.
  3. In WordPress, you have to manually update the software and plug-ins, and you will get a notification on the dashboard when a new version is available. On the other hand, Blogger automatically updates and usually they will notify you in the dashboard when new features are added.
  4. Under WordPress, you can create unlimited pages whereas you can create up to 10 pages in Blogger.
  5. You need a custom domain to create a website or a blog in WordPress. But, in case of Blogger, you can get free .blogspot (dot)blogspot domain or you can add custom domain name.

Let me know in which blogging platform your blog or website is hosted.

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