How far is WordPress.Org different from WordPress.Com?

Most people are not aware of the fact that and are 2 different blogging platforms. is an open-source platform. This makes the platform free to use while is a paid platform where you can easily set up a website without worrying about any technical jargons.

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Apart from that, I have highlighted a few more difference in this blog, between these 2 blogging platforms that you must consider while selecting your blogging platform.

  1. is free software, but you need to pay for web hosting and domain whereas offers both free and paid plans, where you can add custom domains with paid plan.
  2. You can transform to look like a website or blog, set up slideshows, add PHP, JavaScript, etc. In case of, you can use a custom theme only with a paid plan.
  3. One click Installer by major hosting services makes it easy to create a blog or a website on whereas only requires you to set up a WordPress account and you can have multiple blogs under the same account.
  4. You can get access to FTP for free in case of On the other hand,, you get access to FTP only at business and higher plans.
  5. Under, you can install unlimited plug-ins but you can add plug-ins only with higher paid plans for
  6. There is no restriction from WordPress .org on monetization but in the case of, you have to follow certain rules regarding monetization.

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