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How far is WordPress.Org different from WordPress.Com?

Most people are not aware of the fact that and are 2 different blogging platforms. is an open-source platform. This makes the platform free to use while is a paid platform where you can easily set up a website without worrying about any technical jargons. Read More: How is different […]

How is different from that of a Blogger?

Do you already have a blog or a website? WordPress and Blogger are two major blogging platform for beginners and advanced users. I use WordPress for my blog but if you are just getting started and want to try your hands on blogging before making any serious investment, Blogger is then a great platform to consider. […]

How to Develop a Successful Website in order to stand out

A website can be compared to a store outlet of a business. Although, we see that a website has a combination of text and images, but it is actually even more than that. But even before developing a website, a PSD or a blueprint is made on Photoshop. Here are some crucial parameters that should […]

How to select the domain name for your website or blog

Got stuck with the selection of domain name for your website or blog? Well, the answer depends on what you want to achieve for the blog. Ask yourself just 2 basic questions; Do you want to use the blog to establish your personal brand? Do you want to establish your blog as a money making […]

What are the different types of Websites

There are primarily 3 types of Websites. Blog Website The personal blogs started during the 90s as digital journals and online diaries where users shared about their daily life and events. Personal Blogs is the appropriate example of a blog website. Mine is an example of personal blog. Company Profile Website Company website provides with […]

How to Build a World Class Dynamic Website in 2021

Or rather, I can put the statement or ask in a much better way. What are the critical parameters that need to be kept in mind while developing any format of the website? Here is a list of them. Making a static website will require a few of these parameters. But, a dynamic website will […]

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