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What are the 5 Crucial Benefits of Blogging

Blog posts are a powerful way of demonstrating knowledge and building trust as an expert in your niche. In this article, I have listed down some benefits of blogging; Blogs refine your thoughts Sitting down and penning down your ideas and insights into structured sentences and paragraphs is an art. Make it a practice every […]

How to write a good Meta Description for my website

A Meta description is the brief snippet you see under the site’s title in Google’s organic search results. They help convince people to click on your result in the organic listing. This is because Google measures click through rate (CTR), they might indirectly improve your rankings by boosting your site’s organic CTR. What are the […]

Blogging vs. YouTube: Which One is More Lucrative?

You must have heard statements like this; “The future is in video and not Blogging!” “No one reads blogs anymore.” How to Decide Which “One” is for you: Blogging or Vlogging? Many of us are good communicator but when it comes to speaking in front of the camera, we feel somehow a bit shaky. To […]

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