Traveling Solo: Things to keep in mind

So, there are certain things that one needs to keep in mind while travelling alone.

It’s quite normal to feel a bit uneasy when you are ready to set off for a big adventure and none of your friends are accompanying with you. Travelling on your own will is something you tend to never forget and is undoubtedly a great learning experience. It provides you with the fullest degree of freedom to do anything and everything you want.

SO, there are certain things that one needs to keep in mind while travelling alone.

It is always advised to make all your travel bookings well ahead of time and also creating a point of contact at the destination before arriving. It eases of most of the tension and worries.

Always cover yourself with travel insurance as it protects you from accidents, loss of luggage, death, medical expenses, vehicle damage, and even need for emergency cash.

Pack less and enjoy your trip. One backpack is enough for a solo-traveler.

Never travel to capture photos in your camera. Instead capture them with your eyes and save them in your memory and hearts.

Proper research needs to be done before heading to any place so you might save money and time.

Always believe in yourself. Your inner self is the best guide when you are alone and can save you from unnecessary problems.

Keep your family and friends informed about your trip and share your itineraries with them. In case of any trouble, they are the one, who can track your location. Call your home often and inform them about your whereabouts.

Download and save offline maps in your phone. They’ll come handy in places where there is poor or no internet connectivity.

Distribute and keep the cash you are carrying with you on a trip. You can keep them in purse, trouser pants, goggles case, inside your backpack or luggage bag. Don’t forget the credit and debit cards, as they might support you as emergency funds.

Always be confident in whatever you are doing, even if it’s wrong. The point is NOT to look vulnerable.

It is advisable to use public transport to the maximum effect. Since you will be safe, in the company of the locals and at the same time, it’s also cheap.

Many people prefer staying at isolated and quiet places, just to be on their own. This is totally a dumb idea. In case of emergencies, staying in places that have easy access to bus stop or close to the transit point is a plus.

Be aware of the dressing style of the places you’re visiting or likely to visit.

Don’t plug in your headphones and walk looking down. Be aware of your surroundings. Look over your shoulder, look behind and beside you.

Alcohol is not a good option when travelling alone.

Always carry photocopies of everything that you are carrying with yourself viz passport, visa, health documents, vaccinations, travel itineraries, bookings, e-tickets, and credit card information.

Do eat Street food. It’s freshly cooked and not kept stored for hours. Plus it usually tastes pretty good and always advisable to taste local cuisines. It is also a plus, for both food and travel bloggers.

Always plan and prepare everything well ahead of time so that you are not wasting time during the travel searching for places and making bookings.

Carry dry fruits to keep your hunger satisfied and provide you energy, if going on a trek.

It is suggested to carry towel just in case you don’t get a clean towel at your hotel.

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