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Sat Rang Ke Sapne – An exclusive painting exhibition hosted by Inclusion Infinite Foundation @ Gallery Gold, Kolkata

Disability is no more a hindrance even for the Artists

It has been again and again proved that it is quite useless to provide lame excuses of something like “it’s impossible” because the word, “impossible” shouts loud and says that, “I m Possible”.

Art, as we all know, is a mixed range of human activities. It focuses both on the Visual Art and Architecture. Visual Art includes the creation of images or objects in the field of Painting, Sculpture, Photography and other Visual Media whereas architecture is often conceived as one of the Visual Arts like decorative arts; it involves the creation of objects where practical considerations of use are essential.

Music, Theatre, Film, Dance, Literature and other interactive media are included in broader definition of Art.

Recently, an Art Exhibition cum Sale Event or rather an Art Festival was organized for the first time in Kolkata, our much loved “City of Joy” and also the erstwhile cultural capital of our country, where the artworks of some deserving painters with disabilities showcased their finest artworks along with some eminent maestros of our country.

The exhibition was held at Gallery Gold, located at 11, Abdul Rasul Avenue, Lake Range, Kalighat, Kolkata – 700026. It was a 3 day long exhibition from Friday to Sunday 31st May 2019 to 2nd June 2019. The inauguration took place on Friday, 31st May 2019 at around 5:00 PM INCLUSION INFINITE FOUNDATION.  

Actually, Art is something that stimulates an individual’s thoughts, emotions, beliefs, or ideas through the senses.

Gallery Gold intends to initiate inter-city network of Artists to showcase Paintings and all other forms of Art objects from different States in India and develop exchange of creative views among Artisans and believes in promoting the huge talent pool in India and appreciates the essence of Indian Art.

Renowned painter Wasim Kapoor was present at the inauguration ceremony. “I really liked the work of the artists. They showcased some serious work and each one maintained an individual style. Famous painter Samir Aich too was part of the inauguration.

Wasim Kapoor - 2nd person from the left

Artists like, Ipsit Roy and Sudip Karmakar lead a group of contemporary artists called Ullaas. It is where the feel that by organizing this types of events they have made it possible for young artists to come forward with their artistic work and giving them a chance to showcase their skills. Artists might be good but they seldom get the right platform.

In the exhibition, I saw an artwork of a child down with Autism from a very tender age. It was just awesome. The drawing was done just by the scribbling of a pen.

In the words of Ipsit Roy, a writer and artist, who is also a member of Ullaas, adds “Painting is my elixir of life. Without colours, I feel incomplete and jaded”.

You can follow the works of Ipsit here

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