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Bangalir Bangaliana is incomplete without Telebhaja

A man makingdelicious telebhajas

Are you a telebhaja lover? What is your favoriate?

Have you ever wondered what is sondhebela’r khide? Or rather, let me put the question in this way. How to prepare yourself for your sondhebela’r khide? Then let me tell you, just grab a bowl of murimakha, the finger food of the Bengalis. With it, the telebhaja makes a delicious snack over a session of adda time.

The traditional "Chop" and "Moori" - so called Puffed Rice

So what is telebhaja all about?

Telebhaja has an extensively broad base of food items underneath it. The food items ranges from the North Indian Pakora, which is popularly the bora, made in the homes of the elite Bengali families. Not a single Bangali’s meal is complete without bora. Apart from bora, there is fuluri, beguni, kumroni, peyangi, alu’r chop and many more.


Are you having a hard time locating Kolkata’s best telebhaja joints?


Here I am with a list to help you out;

Niranjar Agar – in Girish Park for Dim’er Devil (Egg Chop)

Mitra Café – in Shobhabazar is famous for its Brain Chop.

Chicken Kobiraji at Mitra Cafe

 Allen’s Kitchen –is famous for Prawn Cutlet.

Kalika Mukhorochok – in College Street is popular for its delicious Fish Fry. In summer season, it is one of the renowned places, where you will find Mango Chops.

The popular Capsicum Chop is available at Lokhi Narayan Shaw

Camper – in Gariahat makes the unique and lip smacking Fish Roll.

Aponjon – in Kalighat, near the Kali Temple is famous for its Fowl Cutlet.

Kalika Mukhorochok

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