Shahi Haleem – Queen of Iftaari

An inseparable cuisine from the plates of Iftaari

Haleem, with its impressive gastronomic actions is made up of wheat, barley, minced meat (preferably meat or lamb, sometimes chicken), lentils and spices is a high calorie dish that provides protein from the meat, fibers and carbohydrates from the various combinations of grains and pulses. It aids in replenishing depleted energy, helps you to stay sharp and focused.

This cuisine is cooked slowly for 7 to 8 hours and it results in a paste like consistency and makes a wholesome and healthy mid-day meal.

Haleem is sold as a snack food throughout the year. It is also a very special dish prepared throughout the world during the month of Ramadan and Muharram months of the Muslim Hijri calendar.

During Ramadan, Hyderabadi Haleem is transported all over the world, through a special courier service.

Hyderabadi Haleem

In Islam, al-Halim, is one of the names of the Gods.

Haleem lovers in Kolkata can find Arbi Halim (a low cost Beef Halim) served in roadside kiosks and small eatery. These are found in most parts of Park Circus, Chitpur, Colootola Mosque near Bagri Market and Muslim pockets of the city.

Other varieties of Haleem are available in some of the popular restaurants like those of;

  • Aminia
  • Arsalan
  • Zeeshan Restaurant
Zeeshan Haleem
  • Shiraz Restaurant
  • Royal India Hotel
  • India Restaurant

Lastly, for quite a few years, the cuisine of Haleem has been used as a festive dish, especially during the holy month of Ramzan. 

India Restaurant Haleem

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