Luchi -Bangalir Sunday Special Breakfast

A short poem in Bengali that explains the hidden meaning of Luchi

We Bengali, have something special kept aside either for any festival or an occasion. Even we have differentiated food for each part of the day as well. Sometimes, it also differs based on the seasons. Like for example, during rainy season and if it’s on a holiday, we will definitely have “Khichudi” and “Begun Bhaja” as the main course. Chicken, Mutton or Fish may be served as a side dish.

Today, I will discuss about Luchi, – the Bengalis one and only breakfast on Sunday morning. You will come to know all aspect about this food, through a wonderful poem.

So, here you are…

Dudh sadate borno aamar,

Phulko norom dehho,

Golagaal ei nodhor sorir

Chinte paro keyho?

Moida mekhe kaida kore

Chaikir upor bele,

Gaoya ghee-ye halka bheje

Aalta kore tole.

Songe thaka groom tele

Lomba begun bhaja,

Kumdro aalo’r chakka kheye

Sobai je tarotaaza!!!

Kha-ye jodi keu dobiye aamay

Kochi patha’r jhol-e,

Mangshe’r swadh tokhon dekho

Kemon darun khole.

Norom norom groom bode’r

Songe jokhon aashi,

Diabetics-er rogi’r mukheo

Phutiye tuli haashi.

Bhalo ghee-er gondhe mekhe

Biye’r bhojer rate,

Cholar dale gaa eliye

Dekha di je paate.

Poyla gurer songe aachi

Kimba Rosogolla,

Sobar sathei obadh goti

Attot amar jella.

Robaare-te jolkhabare

Dubiye aalo’r dome,

Tripti je aar hoyna karor

Dosh-barotar kome.

Sob rokomer korme aachi

Sokol subho kaaje,

Byangokuler rannaghore

Sobai amaye bhoje.

Cholesterol jotoi barok

Tao amatey ruchi,

Sob bangalir bhishon priyo

Aami holam “LUCHI”…

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