Popular Kachori Joints across Kolkata

Exploring Kachoris as well as the interior of North Kolkata

Hello readers, today’s blog is a bit different from my other blogs. Here, I will not only discuss about Kachoris but also would highlight those shops that are well known for the sale of exclusive Kachoris.

Nowadays, in all branded and local shops, in my and your locality, you will find Kachoris are sold.

The name “Kachori” came later. The origin of Kachori was called “Karchirika”.

The main ingredient should be Biulir Dal and stuffed with Hing. Again, when this combination is deep-fried with whole spices it is called Radha Bollobi. Other stuffed items used in the preparation of Kachori can be channa dal or peas, which is only available during the winters.

Now let us start with some of the exclusive Kachori joints across North Kolkata;

Shyambazar#Haridas Modak

Located at the junction of the Shyambazar crossing, the interior of the shop has all the framed pictures of all great and noble men of the British Era. Initially, 2 Kachoris are served on a banana leaf followed by channa dal or unpeeled potato curry. You will find Kachoris only in the early part of the morning. Later on, only Luchi is available.

Image Credit: Haridas Modak

Baghbazar# Patla Ghat

As soon as you would enter Baghbazar, you will find Kachoris being piled up across on both sides of the road. However, who consumes them? No one has any idea of it. At the same time, these piled up Kachoris get over in a no time.

The nice thing about this shop is that the kachori and potato curry is being served in plates made from the leaves of the timber tree (Shalpata). Radha Bollobi is available during evening time. Regular customers not even ask for an extra piece of potato because they are well aware that whatever is served is equivalent to the price. Asking for an extra is not appreciated. Also, would like to mention that you will not even find even similar Aalo Dum in the market also.

Sukia Street#Geetika

The kachori joint on Sukia Street is “Geetika”. The shop was started by Ganesh Dului. Currently, it is managed by Shankar Dului. This shop is famous for Hing Kachori. In addition, not to mention his shop is over 100 years old.

College Street#Putiram           

The famous food joint “Putiram” is situated in College Street beside Umesh Chandra / City College of Commerce and opposite to College Square. The owner is Indrajit Modak. Kachori is available only in the early part of the morning. You have to come before 10:00 in the morning to serve yourself with Kachori or else you will have to satisfy yourself with Radha Bollobi.

Image Credit: Putiram

Dharmatala#Esplanade#Chandni Crossing#Elite#Corporation

Here, more than kachoris, the attraction is for the Green Chilli prickle. Poets of the early 90s, named this as the “Devil’s Kachori”. The Aam-aada chutney available here is also very delicious.


The craze here is most likely for the channa dal being served with the kachori. Started in the year 1912 by Santosh Kumar Guin is still even popular today.

Image Credit: ShreeHari#Bhawanipore

Apart from these, there are some other popular places where other varities of kachoris are prepared like the Club kachori, Fish Kachori, etc.

Some of those places are

  • Mallick Bazar
  • Raja Bazar
  • Deshopriyo Park
Image Credit: Haridas Modak

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