Cutlet – My Links to Unemployment

My initial days of Unemployment got me introduced to Cutlet

Hello readers, today I will share with you an experience of mine when and how I first tasted cutlet. The story dates back after my graduation days. It’s been weeks since in received all my certificates from the University of Calcutta. I was officially a graduate but still unemployed.

 Then, started a new journey in order to land myself with a decent job. I heard from my friends that if you could get yourself registered with Employment Exchange, I would get a job based on my qualifications. I somehow decided to go and register my name with the Exchange after getting scolded from my dad.

So, one particular day, after breakfast, I finally set out for the Employment Exchange, located in Purta Bhawan, at Karunamoyee in Salt Lake sector 2.

But, as soon as I reached there, the scenario was entirely different. I wasn’t ready for this encounter at all. I was not the only one, who had gone there to register for the job. I found myself amidst of a huge stream of people. Generally, most of them are first timers; few others have come for renewal.  After sometime, I found myself standing in the long queue of first timers. At times, I felt like going back home but then my father’s scolding came back to my mind and however, I decided to stay back, until I register my name for the job that I might get in future.

By the time, the process of registration at the Employment Exchange got over, it was mid-afternoon. I didn’t have lunch and was feeling hungry like anything. While walking down towards Karunamoyee in order to board the bus back home, I came across a small shop on the footpath making and selling cutlets.

I went to the shop and ordered for 2 cutlets. Later, I came to know that shop was one of the popular cutlet joints in Kolkata and is known by the name of “Poridar Cutlet.”

Cutlet is a fusion recipe loved by people of all age groups. This is one of the quick snacks that can even be prepared at home. Though it is very rich in protein, the intake must be calculated.  Cutlet has various formats and is available in multiple cuisine options viz;

  • Fish Cutlet
  • Mutton Cutlet
  • Chicken Cutlet
  • Pork Cutlet
  • Panner Cutlet
  • Vegetable Cutlet

Cutlet is available across the globe and in almost all nations starting from USA, UK, Italy, Iran, Russia, India, etc.

The preparation of cutlet is somewhat similar across all nations.

In Bengal, especially Kolkata, fish cutlet calls reminds you of the renowned “Bhetki Maanch”. The primary ingredients consists of cuisine options (fish, chicken, paneer, etc.), all purpose flour, egg, mashed potato, capsicum , green chilli, ginger, cumin powder, coriander leaves and breadcrumbs.

There is a new variety of cutlet called the “Afghani” cutlet. This is the invention made in the Allen’s Kitchen. To understand, how this cutlet looks like, think of it as a cutlet soaked in gravy. It is also known as “Gravy cutlet”.

While serving, garnish the cutlets with onion rings, tomato sauce and kasundi (mustard sauce).

Popular dining out locations in and around Kolkata;

  • Anadi Cabin
  • Poridar Cutlet at Karunamoyee, Salt Lake Sector 2
  • Bosonto Cabin near City Style Triangular Park, Rashbehari Avenue

Cutlets are best served with sauces and kasundi, a recipe prepared using mustard as the primary item. You will get Kasundi in any grocery shops. Even Kasundi, can be made at home also.

In some other blog, I will share how my mom prepares the mouth watering recipe for Kausndi.

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