Rosogolla – Most preferred sweet of the Bengalis

Rosogolla is not just a food or a name. It is a concept. The Bengalis cannot live without this one sweet.

Recently, for the first time ever in the history of Bengali movies that a movie is being curated entirely based on the history of one of the most popular Bengali sweet – the “Rosogolla”. The movie had been released on the 21st of December 2018. This is a biopic in nature. The movie is produced by Windows Production and directed by Pavel.

Rosogolla is interlinked with every one of our life in some way or the other. Rosogolla is not just a food or a name. It’s a concept or rather a ceremony. Rosogolla is one sweet without which the Bengalis cannot live and I am sure that once you taste this sweet dish, even you will fall prey to it. 

The Bengali sweet, Rosogolla was invented by Nabin Chandra Das in 1868, and used to work in the shop of Kalidas Indra. Later his family popularized it generation after generation.

The early concept of Rosogolla came into prominence in an extremely creative way. Like that of non sticky and as bright as the moon. It must be unparalleled to any other sweet. Rosogolla is a sweetmeat. It has the scent of love and affection. The preparation consists of the labour of sleepless night and the peace of soul.

Earlier, Rosogolla was prepared using hands. You will find people making Rosogolla with hands in rural parts of Bengal. But, with the passage of time and technology, people are using automated machinery for huge production.

Rosogolla is a syrup dessert course usually served at the end of the main course if taken during lunch or dinner. Occasionally people offer to guests or even take at the time of breakfast.

It originated in East India (Bengal and Odisha). Pahala Rosogolla that hails from Odisha is brownish in colour while Bengali Rosogolla are milky white.

The main ingredients are channa (Indian cottage cheese) and sugar.

Rosogolla can be served both hot as well as cold. This is also one of the most celebrated desserts during festivals and occasions like weddings, birthdays, Pujas, Eid, Holi, and national festivals like; Independence Day and Republic Day.


In Bengali families, Rosogolla is a must in breakfast. Every Sunday, I have Rosogolla at breakfast. I purchase it from my local shop while returning from Market. This is the shop from where I purchase.

Rosogolla’s history has crossed the boundaries of culture, caste and creed. It is an amazing dish with an uniqueness in its taste. History reveals some interesting facts about the origins of this celebrated Indian sweet. People of Odhisa even claim that the answer lies in the history of Puri’s Jaggannath Temple, Rosogolla was a 700-year-old sweet dish was part of a ritual.

Every year, on the 14th of November Rosogolla day is celebrated across West Bengal. The reason behind this occurrence is that Bengal was given the GI (Geographical Indication) Status for the Bengali version of Rosogolla.

There are many variants of Rosogolla available. Here is a list of them.

  • Pahala Rosogolla from Odisha is Softer, Reddish and Creamish
  • Bengali Rosogolla from West Bengal is Whitish and Rubbery
  • Rajbhog is a variant of Kesar Rosogolla stuffed with dry fruits and khoa inside
  • Kamalabhog is orange flavored Bengali Rosogolla
  • Bikali Kar Rasogolla from Salepur in Cuttack, Odhisa
  • Baked Rosogolla is a Bengali variation

Nabin Chandra opened his first sweet shop in Jorasanko, near the residendence of the legendary poet Rabindranath Tagore in 1864. Even the poet preferred Nabin’s Rosogolla over others.

Later K. C. Das was established using the initials of Krishna Chandra Das, a family member of Nabin Chandra Das.

Other shops that gradually developed in Kolkata  during that era and after are;

  • Balaram Mullick and Radharam Mullick
  • New Sri Gopal Mishthanna Bhandar
  • Haldirams

Even there is someone from the City of Joy, who has in her name as a record holder of preparing more than 170 Flavoured Rosogolla, adding the sweet with different flavours. Her name is Swati Saraf. She is an entrepreneur of ‘Flavours of Rasgolla’ and is popularly known as the mother of flavoured Rosogollas.

I wished that every one of you must have visited your nearest theaters to watch this beautiful movie and way back home might have popped in at the sweet shops to taste this wonderful sweet.

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