5 tools every content writer must use!

Content Writing is an art in itself. When we see an amazing piece of content, our reaction is just priceless, but do you really know what takes to bring forth such an amazing piece of content?

We cannot see the persistent efforts, failure, sacrifices, dedication, and hard work that have been invested in for the desired outcome.

Here are 5 such tools that every content writer must use to bring about their best version.  

Google Docs

It is an online free word processor tool that allows creating and formatting public documents and working with a large number of people.

With Google Docs, you can customize who can view, edit or even comment on any particular document. The document can be downloaded at any given point in time.

Users can access it 24/7, from anywhere whenever they are connected to the internet. In other words, it helps in real-time collaboration, auto-saving of the work, working from anywhere, and even working in the offline mode.

The edits made to the documents get saved automatically in Google Drive and can be viewed by everyone irrespective of whether the other participants are the viewer or the commentator.  

Blog Ideas Generator

This tool provides a list of topics on which you can write hundreds of blogs not just for a couple of months but for the entire year.

We believe that the blog primarily benefits in driving website traffic. But, that is not always the case. It not only helps in promoting the products and services of the businesses but at the same time, blogs help in building trust with your potential customers online.

Blog ideas generator creates topics for you with regards to the business input or relevant keywords provided to it.

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To err is a human.

Grammarly is a useful tool and it helps to correct your spelling and eliminate minute grammatical errors. It acts as a second set of eyes that would be looking after your writing.

Not all write-ups are the same. Thus, it provides customization for the users.

It not just highlights the errors but also provides easy and simple to understand explanations for the errors.

I would highly recommend this.

Any Plagiarism checker:

There is a variety of plagiarism checkers online, each having its unique set of features. The primary role remains the same, as they are intended to check for any duplicity in the piece of content that you have written.

For instance, Copyscape, Duplichecker, Quetext, 1text, Smallseotools, Prepostseo, etc. are examples of plagiarism checkers available online which you can use while writing.

Here are some crucial benefits of plagiarism checker;

  1. These tools are free to use and some of them have premium plans for upgradation.
  2. It provides the links of the source text
  3. Provides the similarity as well as the unique percentage


This app or website has derived the name from Ernest Hemingway, who is popularly known for his simple and direct style of writing. It also enhances the readability of the article.

Hemingway highlights the complicated statements in the article and provides you with possible suggestions so that you can break them down into simple sentences.

It even focuses on identifying the common errors that bring down the quality of your writing. Hemingway comes with a grading system for any write up thereby providing a cherry on the cake and highlighting the sentences based on the parameters of easy to hard.

Final Word

Feel free to comment in the box below which one of these is your favorite and why? You may also mention any other tools which are not mentioned here. After all, sharing is caring, and if you share you are not losing out on knowledge. You are creating an effective network that would be a win-win situation for everyone around.

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