How has Google Analytics evolved over the years

For 10 years, Google Analytics has been continuously helping us t track and analyze the data. As web strategy continues to develop, so we should develop our Analytics.

Let’s go through the path of where we have been and where we are going with Analytics in 2015 and beyond.

2005: When it all began

Google acquires Urchin Software Corporation in April and Google Analytics in November

2006: Use for All

Google Analytics is available officially for all Google users, starting Mid August in the year 2006

2009: Asynchronous Tracking Code Snippet

Analytics introduces a new Asynchronous Tracking Code Snippet to track your Website in a more accurate way

2011: Google launches Real Time Analytics

Real Time Analytics is launched in September that allows you to track users on your site in real time

2012: Get Organized

Google Tag Manager helps users to organize, advertise and other Tags

2014: Universal

Beta testing and accessible for anyone who wants to upgrade

Now: Universal is ready for action & out of Beta

Universal Analytics holds the feature of changing version of data collection and organization in your GA account. Since 2015, we have switched from Asynchronous to Universal Analytics!

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