How to Grow Your Brand Online on Social Media

If you are looking to grow your online brand. Here are some Popular Updates on the Social Media Marketing Tools.

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. LinkedIn
  4. YouTube
  5. Instagram
  6. Tiktok
  7. Google
  8. WhatsApp
  9. SnapChat


Facebook added a new messaging feature

Facebook publishes latest update on Content Removals, Fake Accounts and hate speeches

Facebook added New Monetization tools for Gaming Anchors, including star services for VOD viewers.

Facebook adds new alerts and individual user’s penalties to help stop the spread of misinformation

Facebook published the new report called “Shopper Journey Disruption”. As per the report, “convenience” is the key driver for online brands that needs to be addressed.


Twitter tests professional profile for brands and creators

The next Twitter subscription offering named as the “Twitter Blue” is slowly taking shape

Twitter suspended the public requests for profile verification, just one week after its re-launching.

 Twitter released its upcoming feature of the “Super Follow” subscription option. This new and upgraded feature will give creators a way to monetize their Twitter presence.


LinkedIn added new tools to help users create inclusive and expressive profiles

LinkedIn published the new report “Workplace Learning Report” and found that “Up-skilling and re-skilling” is now the key focus area for learning and development programs.


YouTube previews Upcoming improvements for YouTube Studio, including Auto-Generated Title

YouTube rolled out new update that will now enable creators to add mid-rolls, end screens and captions while their video is processing.

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Instagram announces news tools to protect users from abusive DMs

New subtitle options available for Instagram stories

Instagram tests new upload options in the Desktop Version of the App

Instagram rolls out new option to hide counts on posts, which is also coming to Facebook

Instagram announced new monetization options for creators, including a new affiliate marketing program, and new stars options which will make it easier for creators to earn money.

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New insights from Tiktok, another striking social media marketing tools on how users are engaging around Mother’s Day conversations

Tiktok advances with e-Commerce testing


Google announces new e-Commerce tools, including improved Shopify integration and image discovery

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WhatsApp launches legal action against Indian government over planned law relating to data tracing


The White House uses Snapchat to provide vaccine information to younger audiences

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