Technical SEO completes 2 Decades of its Evolution

Technical SEO is the key founding base of an SEO strategy as it can deliver high-performance websites. The technical parameters should be tested more often for errors and misinterpretation so that they can be marked and rectified quickly.

Technical SEO is no more an option than it was before; it is a hard-core necessity that we should accept.

Early 2000’s

Technical SEO and web development are closely aligned. We need to ensure that a website’s code is crawlable and the indexable is paramount.

Mid 2000’s

Black Hat tactics like keyword stuffing and link buying still drive SEO performance. Even Google’s algorithm cannot keep up with the speed of the new ranking manipulation techniques.

Late 2000’s

Black Hat techniques are no longer as effective as Google started to catch up. SEO strategy has gone conventional; as modern content marketers need new strategies to deliver better results.

Early 2010’s

Google clamps down heavily on thin content and low-quality Backlinks, removing out a wide range of ranking penalties using their Penguin and Panda updates.

Mid 2010’s

SEO and Content begin to unite, as SEO focuses on delivering great site experiences. Creativity is as essential as technical know-how. Even SEO has now started to work in close combat with Social and Video marketing.


The idea of the Search Engine Results Page or the (SERP) has changed altogether. The content discovery got fragmented across various devices and diversified online platforms.


Voice search and digital assistants attain critical mass support. The mobile usage surpasses desktops as 10 out of 9 people are using Smartphones nowadays and they tend to check your site on the go.


Search is everywhere. The Internet of Things (IoT) has truly taken off and the search engine optimization or SEO must optimize for everything, everywhere.

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