Everything you need to know about SEO Backlinks

A backlink(s) is a link that points from one domain to the other. For the websites that links out is called an “outbound link” and for the websites that receives the link is called an “inbound link”. Backlinks to your website can generate quality traffic, build credibility, and help your brand rank higher on the search engines.

Backlinks are an important factor for SEO.

Types of Backlinks

There are 2 types of backlinks;

  1. Good Backlink
  2. Bad Backlink

Good Backlink

  1. It is derived from a related website
  2. Backlinks come from a website that has a high Google trust and Domain Authority
  3. Backlinks does not have the “No Follow” attribute attached to the link properties
  4. It comes from a high quality website

Bad Backlink

  1. It is always paid for
  2. It results in a link exchange with the host site
  3. Backlinks comes from a low quality website
  4. It generates from a website that has a low Google trust and domain authority (DA)
  5. It comes from a website with little or almost no original content
  6. The sole purpose is to manipulate Google rankings

7 Tips to improve the Backlinks of your website or blog

  1. Maintain a steady blog with popular content
  2. Link to other blogs on your blog
  3. Write guest post
  4. Curate and publish helpful resource list
  5. Do expert round ups to build relationships
  6. Write news jack posts
  7. Create case studies about your most impressive clients

8 ways how Backlinks prove to be beneficial for SEO

  1. Editorial backlinks
  2. Guest blogging backlinks
  3. Backlinks in business profiles
  4. Backlinks from webinars
  5. Free-tool backlinks
  6. Acknowledgment backlinks
  7. Guest post bio backlinks
  8. Badge backlinks

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