What to include in Product Descriptions

If you’re not sure how to write product descriptions, take a lesson from journalism 101as they answer all the 5Ws and H. It is no rocket science.

Specifically, to start with;

 #1 – Who is the user of the product?

 Your product description should make it clear exactly what type of person wants and needs this product.

#2 – What are the features of the product?

 Depending on your target market, you have to choose whether you want to share every single product feature, or you need to decide which of your target market will be best served if you highlight only a couple of key features.

Either way, your product description must include the features of the product.

#3 – Where can a person use that product?

Help your buyers in understand the places and situations where they would use the product. Is it for taking to the beach, or is it for using inside on rainy days?

#4 – When should the person use the particular product?

Give your buyer the examples of specific situations when they might need your product.

 What are the specific use case studies where your product really comes in handy?

#5 – Why should a person use the product?

 This is the most critical question to answer in your product description.

 If you can’t express to a buyer why they should buy the product, it’s going to be very hard to sell it.

 #1 – How can a person use the product?

 The last question you would need to answer is how a buyer will make potential use of the product.  Product descriptions are an excellent place to demonstrate how easy and efficient your product is to use.

How to write Product Description that SELLS!!!

The product description should entice the readers or your visitors and convert them into potential customers.

Try to use these following elements in your writings;

  • Why you will love it
  • About the Brand
  • Explain what the product does
  • Offer value added benefits (USP) of the product
  • Pick 3 top most valuable features and benefits of the product
  • Justify using superlatives
  • Describe the features, benefits and what all solutions they bring on to the table.
  • Clarify how it will solve a problem or help a customer
  • Use influential words to enhance persuasiveness
  • Focus on your ideal buyer
  • Optimize your copy for the search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing
  • Add keywords in the page titles, Meta descriptions, ALT tags and a page’s body content (product description)
  • Usage of images from different angles and videos
  • Customer reviews
  • Expert opinions

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