New to Instagram: How to become a Pro in 30 days?

Becoming a Pro on Instagram in 30 days might sound an easy task. But what actually matters are your persistence and the zeal to learn and stay afloat no matter what. If you can survive smoothly through these 30 days, you will develop this into a habit. And once this grows into a habit, it gets very difficult to stay without it.

The 30 Days’ Challenge

Day 1: Post an Inspirational Quote

Day 2: Share 3 Get to know me (about you or even your company or your business) facts

Day 3: Offer a Freebie!

Day 4: Share a business trip

Day 5: Share your workspace

Day 6: Share the story behind your name or logo

Day 7: Promote exclusive offer for your Instagram Followers

Day 8: Share a funny story that happened recently

Day 9: Throwback of you or your business

Day 10: Your business mantra

Day 11: Run a giveaway

Day 12: Your biggest Guilt (and how to overcome it)

Day 13: Shout out to mentor or hero

Day 14: Business lesson you learned (mine is “Nothing comes Free”)

Day 15: Share your personality quiz results (ask followers)

Day 16: One of your deal breakers in business

Day 17: Share your morning routine

Day 18: Your favorite self care tips 

Day 19: Share your secret vice

Day 20: Share a picture of your planner

Day 21: Share your favorite lyrics from a throwback song

Day 22: One of dream vacation destination

Day 23: Share what would be in your “Mom Survival Kit”

Day 24: Share a review or comment from a loyal customer

Day 25: Share your business anniversary

Day 26: Something you struggled with in your business

Day 27: Time lapse of how you make a product

Day 28: Announce a new product

Day 29: Share a discount code

Day 30: Run a caption contest

Thus, take up this 30 Days’ Challenge and Become a Pro on Instagram, while we meet on the other side.

Stay Tuned! And keep enjoying my blogs.

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