How the Modern employee evolved over time

To understand how the employee have evolved over time, we first need to understand how the workplace has changed from what it was before.

Modern workplace was far different what it used to be 50 years ago. I’m a 90s kid and have been to my dad’s workplace many a times. Today’s concept of remote working or even work from home was an unknown term in those days.

Workplace during those days was made up of cubicles where each employee used to work independently and all business communications were either done over landlines or in person. The documents were primarily printed copies.

The modern workplace is all about social collaboration where the workplace is confined in the world of technology and gadgets.

Different learners and their expectations

Today’s employees have come a long way.  The career paths taken by our parents and grandparents were long gone. There are even very few people who worked for the same company for 40, 20, or even 10 years.

We know that different learners (employees) have different expectations. But what do they actually want, what does it mean for learning and what kind of experiences the learners want needs to be assessed accurately. Transform your culture through more engaged, connected employees. Build trust, confidence and expertise through better learning experiences.

How employee evolved over time

Here are a few pointers that will help in analyzing how employee evolved over time;

  • Earlier the employees used to work 9-5 now they can work anytime. Flexible work has been made possible because employers realize that what really matters is having workers who are able to get things done.
  • The employees used to work in corporate offices using company equipment whereas now they can work anywhere using any devices, sometimes even their own.
  • Earlier the employees provided focus mainly on the inputs. But with the passage of time, they started focusing on the outputs because it really matters!!!
  • Modern workplace brings out the leaders in their employees. Since the modern employers are encouraging creativity and business solutions, the employee have a greater chance to prove themselves and go up to the leadership roles. 
  • Earlier employees used to climb the corporate ladder and were looking for promotions, within a single company and happy to work for longer hours. But now, time has changed; people have now learned to grow for themselves. Upgraded their knowledge base and made a head-on advancement in their careers. Instead of just climbing the established corporate ladder, employees are creating their own ladders. The modern employees take experience from one job and switches to another company for utilizing it with a better salary. And this routine plays in the loop.
  • Previously all the work was all pre-defined as compared to the customized work that we do nowadays.
  • Employees were only meant to be employees but now they can also become a leader and lead a team.
  • Even going by the technology, earlier the employees were just confined to email. Now it’s the time of collaboration technologies.
  • With the passage of time there has been a positive shift in the workplace from simply knowing the facts of the trade than to be able to learn. Employees are now expected to adapt to the changes quickly and learn new things, and constantly update their knowledge with the new trends and technology. 

Everything is about Employee Engagement!!!

It’s a bitter truth that organizations with high levels of engagement consistently outperform the competition. Also it’s highly surprising to know that only 27% of learners fully trust the business they work for while others don’t.

Employees were once thought of expendable cogs are the most valuable asset that any organization can have. But the fact is that even employees are replaceable. No one is permanent.

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