How to Write Web Content for Websites

The popular statement, “Content is King” by Bill Gates has proved to be true. We have content all over the Internet. Google scans for every single websites and web pages and penalizes for having plagiarized content. Therefore, while writing, always keep in mind that web content should be unique in nature. It is also recommended to maintain a sense of quality in your writing.

Here are some key pointers that must be followed while writing for the web;

Key Pointers for Writing Web Content

Consider your website visitor as “Wild Animals”

Your visitors are always on the hunting mode. They are either hunting for some information or looking to buy some product. Website visitors do not read in between the lines. They simply scan them for the “useful byte” of information. You should organize your content in such a way that it should have shorter paragraphs, using sub-headings and must include bullets and italics.

Put your “Most Important” Information First

Website writing is different from writing an essay or a paragraph. It is said that online readers do not read the entire website content. They try to scan for the most important information by reading few lines from the beginning, some from the middle and finally the rest from the end.

White Space is a must

Adding of white space n the content not only makes the writing easier to scan but also makes it visually appealing. The usage of bullet points, headings and the H2 tags in the web content will create room for white space without any extra effort.

Use Familiar Words

Always write simple and clear. Forget about the long sentences and vocabulary. Website Content writing is all about presenting information in a clear manner as we present food in front of the guests. It is always advised to stick to plain English.

Write For Lazy People

Just like a lazy animal that is always on the lookout for an easy catch for his dinner, your web visitor doesn’t want to make an effort to read your text. Make your copy easy to read.  Use short paragraphs of 4 sentences maximum or 12 on average. Skip unnecessary words and shorten your text.

Expect People to arrive anywhere on your Website

The content that you should write must meet the requirements of the visitors. The main objective should be to bridging the information gap between what the visitors is looking for and what the website is offering. Now, if you are successful in understanding what the visitors are expecting from the website and you can offer them as per their requirements your website will attract a huge traffic.  

Make it easy for “Hunters” to find you

Identify your audiences for whom you are writing. Attract potential customers by providing useful information on your website. This can be done by using phrases and “keywords” that your customers are looking for. Discuss one key topic for each page and always include links to relevant pages on your own website as well as from other websites too.

Always “Proofread” your Content

It is always advised to proofread your content 2 to 3 times for typos, sentence construction and minor errors. Once you are done with the writing, simply walk off. After taking a break of an hour or two, recheck what you have written with a fresh mind.

Write for your Audience

Before writing the content for the web, first understand your target audience. It is important to make SEO friendly web content by using business related keywords, links and various other techniques. Your primary goal should be to convert your visitors into customers. While writing, use a conversational tone as if you are talking to them.

Final Thoughts

Creating content for the website can be challenging but not impossible. Always remember that a website is a virtual handshake and represents your company on the online platform. Therefore, the quality of the content makes the first impression. Write simple, clear and elegant.  

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