Blogging vs. YouTube: Which One is More Lucrative?

You must have heard statements like this;

“The future is in video and not Blogging!”

“No one reads blogs anymore.”

How to Decide Which “One” is for you: Blogging or Vlogging?

Many of us are good communicator but when it comes to speaking in front of the camera, we feel somehow a bit shaky. To overcome this, you can take#100DayYouTubeChallenge where you need to create 1 video a day for a period of 100 odd days.

To make things easier for yourself, why don’t you take a simple DiSC Personality Assessment.

In other words, blogs are generally more suitable for the Introverts whereas YouTube for the extroverts. However, introverts can also try their luck on YouTube too. This I will definitely tell you, in another blog – How to start a YouTube Channel without showing your Face.   

Which is better for a Full Time Career

There is a $1000 question that keeps boggling in the minds of many. What should I focus on, when choosing between a blog and a YouTube as a full time career option?

Well, I personally believe that it is a good idea to have a mix of both. People have different tastes. Some prefers to read while others prefer to watch videos. For instance, even I will launch my YouTube channel (HYPERLINK) in a few months from now. Working on both the platforms simultaneously in the initial phase seems a daunting task but gradually a good blend of both blog and a YouTube will help you to grow faster in terms of driving traffic and start the process of monetization.

Blog | Textual change

Blogs have a great advantage over YouTube. They allow you can always revisit your old blogs, add new information or even update old information as and when necessary using the edit option. This is quite difficult when you do Vlogging in YouTube.

YouTube | Personal Connect

It’s true that changing footages in YouTube while doing Vlog is quite difficult as compared to blog. With YouTube, you can connect to the audience very easily, because you are talking to the camera, which will have a psychological effect on the minds of the viewers that you are talking to the audience. But this is not possible on blogging platform because readers are reading it. Therefore, they can’t visualize it easily.

Blog | Subscribers Control

Similarly, you can control your subscriber list, make a list and they keep revisiting your blog, but in YouTube the subscription list is not in your hands, you can’t control your subscribers, they can unsubscribe at any given point of time. YouTube also depends on its algorithm, which changes from time to time. Some videos might skyrocket while others might drop dead and this will greatly affect your YouTube traffic.  

YouTube | Reading is less popular

It’s been heard that in future reading will become less popular. People prefer watching videos more than reading, and blog hype is less as compared to YouTube.

Blog | Monetization

The options are more on blog, in terms of placing your ads, how many ads, where are your placing your affiliates and you are the sole person who has full control of it. If at any given point of time, you need to change or remove your ads, you can work on it but the same procedure is not possible on YouTube.  In other words, you don’t have control on the YouTube ads.

YouTube | Less technicality of SEO

YouTube does not require any technical knowledge of SEO, as you need on blog. If you are new to blogging, you need to learn the basis of SEO to improve your ranking. But there is no hassle of SEO in YouTube.  If you are making searchable and trending videos, your videos will grow automatically.

Blog | Less time

Recording, editing, and publishing of video content take substantial amount of time. At times, a good investment of money is also required if you don’t have a Smartphone or a camera and a microphone. Later, with the passage of time, you can invest on yourself by procuring gears for your YouTube channel. But, as far as blogging is concerned, all you need is the knowledge of writing. Now, according to your niche you are all set and it take considerably less time compared to YouTube.

For example, if you are a travel Blogger, you travel different places and whenever you get time, you note down your experiences or some amazing details that you want to share with your readers.

YouTube | Personal connect

Reach and success is quite easy on YouTube as compared to blogs. Having a rich subscriber base on YouTube makes your work easier because for blogs even after writing, you have to work on it, by doing SEO to reach out to proper targeted audience. At times, if the video you made is relevant and trending, YouTube takes your video out on an explore level.

Blog | Filtration

There is a vast scope of negativity in YouTube. You can filter and approve comments before publishing on your site but you cannot control this feature in YouTube.

YouTube | Trust

It is even true that YouTube has a wider scope for the HATE factor like negativity.  But when audience gets connected building of TRUST gets easier with them.

Both platforms are good to work on at the end of the day, diversification do matters. But to start with, focus on your niche, what you are better at.

Up next, we will discuss about the pros and cons of both blogging;

Pros and Cons of Blogging


  • Blogs have very low start up costs
  • They are perfectly for the introverts
  • There are innumerable options for monetization
  • You have control over your platform
  • Blogs provide you with an endless creative outlet
  • You can write just about anything


  • Blogs take a much longer time to make money
  • There is so much to learn while doing a blog
  • Choosing blogging as a career? There’s plenty of competition in the market

Pros and Cons of YouTube


  • Low start up costs if you already own a Smartphone or a Camera
  • There is free or little investment for content promotion from YouTube
  • YouTube provides a great creative outlet for everyone
  • There is room to grow and change your content
  • YouTube provides an ability to have a slightly broader niche


  • Gears that are used to create videos can be very expensive
  • Time-consuming to set up a filming space
  • Not all niches allows you to film your videos
  • You don’t own your platform (YouTube), it’s on Google’s server

Key Takeaways: First Things First

Here are some key takeaways that need to be decided before drawing any conclusions.

  • Decide your niche. Choose a niche you are comfortable with and where there is a scope for further growth.
  • Money or profit whatever you might call it does matter. But, what matters the most is the “TOUGH” Competition that you are soon to be a participant of.
  • Plan your topics and choose which platform will do “JUSTICE” to it – Blog or YouTube
  • Ponder on your skill set. Think and decide where you can perform better and outrun the others – as a Blogger or as a Vlogger?
  • Understanding your audience is a must. Analyze their age group. After all, you are creating content for them. They are your end users. Think which platform will serve them better.
  • Considering your budget is also very crucial. As a YouTuber, you should have at least a camera or a Smartphone of your own to start with. You can always upgrade your gear in future once you are all set. While, for a Blogger, what costs you initially are for the domain name and the hosting.

Speaking from the heart, both Blog and YouTube are great platforms for building the foundations of a successful business. But, the key to scale your profits lies in diversification. Both Blogging and YouTube can both be highly profitable and generate passive source of income if done following proper action plans. 

Parting Words

It is up to you to decide whether you want to start with a Blog or YouTube. You can continue with it in the future or even switch to the later. You might even want to do both. However, popular Content Creators on YouTube have an opinion that your videos on YouTube are on the mercy of the moderators. You never know when YouTube can take down your content or even de-monetize your videos.

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