10 Ways to Improve Your English Language Skills


Improving your English language skills simply depends on 4 broad factors;

  1. Reading
  2. Speaking
  3. Listening
  4. Writing

Learning a new language is not about learning a few words, their meaning, and pronunciation. It is even more than sitting in a classroom and trying to absorb the maximum knowledge given by the teacher or reading from the book. But, we learn its entire culture. There is no end to learning. It is a way of life and is equally exciting and rewarding.

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10 best ways to learn English online so that you can improve your Language Skills.

Here, in this blog, we will see how or what are the 10 best ways to learn English online.

  1. Speak in English
    To learn a language, you need to practice it. Speaking in that language is the best option available. You can speak with your friends, relatives, siblings in order to improve your speaking. You can also opt for various spoken English classes both online and offline. Speaking is the hardest of all the four factors. But, believe me, once you are comfortable with speaking the language, the rest three become much easier and comfortable.
  2. Make Mistakes
    The proverb, “Failures are the pillars of success” suits perfectly here. It is quite evident that you will make mistakes. Never be afraid of making mistakes. Unless you make mistakes, how will you learn? You will learn only when you make mistakes. If you confine yourself with the fear that you will be making mistakes, in the due course of learning, you will never be able to learn something new.
  3. Read newspapers, blogs, and stories
    Reading is very crucial when learning a new language. Read standard English newspapers. It serves a two-way purpose. On one hand, it upgrades your vocabulary and on the other, it keeps you updated with the daily happenings around. Blogs provide the readers with a much broader platform as they are classified under various categories. You can choose from a varied range of Food, Travel, Technology, Finance and lots more.
    You can read books online for free. Reading quality novels is also an option. For blogs and stories, you are always free to choose based on your preference. There is a long list of Indian as well as Foreign authors prevailing in the market. But make sure you start your reading exercises using easy books. To add with, your reading will only be successful, if you understand what you are reading.
  4. Watch English Movies
    Watching English movies is also a preferable option. You can select movies according to your liking or your genre. Different people have different taste preferences like romance, thriller, suspense, fiction. You can try the classics. Watch the movies over and over again. Try watching the movies with Subtitles and when you feel comfortable try watching without them.
  5. Start a Blog
    When you are done with speaking and reading, the next big thing is to write. Write down your thoughts in the form of a blog. You can even participate in various competitions and submit articles. You can also take part in forums, write short stories or poems. Try to express yourself in words. You can also put your comments in other English blogs. This enhances your understanding of the language. You can also start a personal diary or journal and record your daily activities. This helps in building up your vocabulary. As a result, it improves your writing skill.
  6. Test Yourself
    You can test yourself by appearing for tests conducted on the Online Learning Platform. You will find many FREE mock tests available online. Participate over and over again. Manage your time while taking the tests. In this way, you will also learn time management skills.
  7. Use a dictionary
    Learning a new language is a potential challenge in itself. Try to remember new words by understanding its meaning and again reuse it wherever necessary. Read a dictionary whenever possible. You can learn new words and their meanings. You can also use online sites like Thesaurus.com or Dictionary.com for instant help.
    An alternative to the above, you can note down new words in a diary whenever you come across them. Find and write down the meanings and make a sentence with that word, to make sure that you have understood it properly.
  8. Study Grammar
    It is believed that studying grammar is boring. But actually, grammar constitutes the founding stone of English language skills. While we speak English, at times we don’t consider whether or not we are speaking grammatically correct. This we called is “colloquial English”. But, while we are writing grammar matters a lot. Thus, to understand and communicate properly, in-depth knowledge of the language is required.
  9. Listen More
    For auditory learners, listening provides the same benefit as reading. They can learn new things easily by using listening. Listening skills prove beneficial as far as the pronunciation of the words is concerned. This will help you to speak better. For better listening, never constrain yourself to a limited number of options. Listen to radios, audio books, songs, sports commentary, and so on.
  10. Chat with your Phone
    We are living in the era of Smartphones, so why not make the most out of it. Earlier, to speak properly institutions focused on having a speaking partner. It can be a friend or even your siblings with whom you can continue speaking for hours. But, with the advent of Smartphones, simply turn on the voice assistant and you are all set to start going. You can also download and install mobile applications and learn English via an online app. But, how to understand whether you are doing it right?
    If your device can understand you, and answer you back that means you are on the right track.

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Wrapping Thoughts

By now, you must have got a clear idea of what are some of the best ways to learn English online and what needs to be done to improve your English language skills. While writing, always keeps your sentences short and simple. In this way, you are less likely to make mistakes. You can even opt for some English speaking course.

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