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Sat Rang Ke Sapne – An exclusive painting exhibition hosted by Inclusion Infinite Foundation @ Gallery Gold, Kolkata

Disability is no more a hindrance even for the Artists It has been again and again proved that it is quite useless to provide lame excuses of something like “it’s impossible” because the word, “impossible” shouts loud and says that, “I m Possible”. Art, as we all know, is a mixed range of human activities. It focuses both on the Visual Art and …

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Shahi Haleem – Queen of Iftaari

An inseparable cuisine from the plates of Iftaari Haleem, with its impressive gastronomic actions is made up of wheat, barley, minced meat (preferably meat or lamb, sometimes chicken), lentils and spices is a high calorie dish that provides protein from the meat, fibers and carbohydrates from the various combinations of grains and pulses. It aids in replenishing depleted energy, helps …

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